Barbara J Neville: Conscious Awareness

This is a web site that is giving information about being consciouly aware of how we are progressing into the new age of enlightenment.


What tension!

Is it the energy waves that are making me feel this way?

Our advice is let go! Lay back and slip into the new frequency… Now!

Yes these fields of light are twisting and turning as they come into earth fields.

The outer fields get disrupted first… then it filters down into earth giving all souls light/ dark experiences.

The key is to get into mediation and balance them out~ do it within your self and it will expand out to all.

No media! No radio! No nothing! Let the membranes relax align! Let the wavering ‘be’.

Its happening as the fields of vibration differ~ and set the new pace in the over all picture of the planets movements~ and it does affect us all. Ride it out!

The Jupiter gate has opened up a whole new way of thinking in us!

Do not restrict our self with capped thoughts of negativity; bring in the new age frequency for the benefit of all life with heart/brain balance and deep love. 🙂❤