Barbara J Neville: Conscious Awareness

This is a web site that is giving information about being consciouly aware of how we are progressing into the new age of enlightenment.

Rae's story about the soul:

In Life there are many things we can rely on and many that we cannot: We can always rely on our true inner self, our hearts love: 🙂

“It is said that the quality’s of the soul are stillness, love, truth, harmony and joy”:

“In the bible it is said that the soul belongs to god and cannot die”:

Wikipedia’s description is: “Many religions, philosophical and mythical traditions say the soul is a fundamental state”.

Britannica’s description is: Soul is an immortal aspect of a higher being”:

Our soul and soul groups support us:

Questioning the life path:

The energies is high and there are lots of people, even in this lock down time, finding ways to provide food and coffees, within the bounds of the government rules, to lift peoples hearts.

What we hear from many people... is complaints about their life path, how they are not getting enough, how it is not panning out in the way they think it should, there are lots of disappointment.

These are misconceptions; they are the thoughts of these souls, about something that is far greater than the third dimensional earth illusions, the simulation.

‘We’ have restricted understanding for this information; because we are in a human body, we cannot process the reality beyond our own frequency.

There is nothing detrimental about this, it is what it is, and we have to accept it as our chosen life path, while we are living on this planet as people.

Our chosen life path:

To try to get a handle on this we are going to find our mentors Jack and Merlin, we understand that they are part of our higher souls group, and we are going to ask them, to tell us about the reasons why, some of us have such a hard lesson to learn in life, and why we chose to come here to learn them.

We went into the garden where the portal is a focus for Gaia’s light, listening to the sound of the birds and drifting into these higher energy fields, we ask for Jack and Merlin to talk to us.... We feel their fields merge with ours, as we sit under the trees in this other dimensional space of our choosing.

When we were at Canvey this happened in a very unconscious manner, now, we are that much more aware of our higher self, and we can use it as a directive on these occasions.

But the feelings are just the same relaxed way, like we are sitting in a lovely place just chatting.

Rae’s story:

Jack askes, “what is the questions today Rae”?

Rae answers; explaining that she had been reading and hearing many souls complaining about how hard their life path is, and why on earth would they ever choose a life path like this.

After I had tried to explain, that everyone choses their own life path, most of them has the view... that if that were so.... they would choose a happy life with no pain or adverse conditions.

The understanding of this aspect of choices are lost on them, can you give some enlightenment on it?

The bigger picture:

Yes we can, but if the understanding is not at the right frequency for anyone to comprehend, we can only tell our story and it will be up the individual to take it on board or not, remember it’s a free will planet.

Yes” said Rae, “I understand, but I think it is worth telling for those who are ready to see how it works”.

“Ok then, lets begin,” replied Jack... and Merlin nodded in agreement.

“There are many people who wonder why they have so many unhappy experiences in their life, and they question... that they would never have chosen a path that is so difficult, they believe they are victims”.

Merlin and Jack agree, that over the time lines of many years, the way the information has been given abouthow a person comes to be on this earth has been explained many times.

They begin, “Over the years of experience, the teachers have given their ideas about this, and it is widely thought that one person is only a small part of a very big picture, there is a lot of evidence for this in the sciences astrology and physics.”

Jack carries on, “Most people do not have the desire to look at these, but when they do, they find that the bigger picture has many answers, they are not proven, but are widely believed... for each person, going along their spiritual path of ascension and evolution”.

They stop there’ and ask Rae what she feels about this, “how certain are you, that you picked your own life path, think about this question for a bit before you answer”?

Rae ponders for a while thinking about what has been said.

Then she answers, “My certainty comes through feelings and knowledge”.

“I have an understanding of the scale of frequencies and vibrations and the aspects of the quantum energy~ and know I am connected to a much bigger picture while living on earth, and I function on a small section of that frequency’s, there is so much more that we cannot see”.

Rae stops there.

Jack speaks “Yes! The bigger picture; everyone belongs to a soul group that is connected to their over soul group, this is connected their soul group and within that group they are their extension soul, them self.

These are all attached to the divine source; in between this source there are other levels that lead to the higher infinite energy light.

You have all been together for infinite time in the higher levels of light and existence, and when one soul decides to come onto earth as physical~ it’s their groups that helps them to chose their path”.

“Some souls are not equipped to go on a very hard path” Jack says, “they have their lessons to experience and it’s according to their light frequency".

“No souls choose a life path that they cannot totally accept and cope with”.

“The groups are advisers, and give their experiences to help each soul to pick a path that will help them to reach their full potential in their destiny”.

“There is no blame in life~ if you are blaming.... then you’re lesson is to grow and learn and understand the bigger picture, as far as you can, given your ability and frequency”.

Jack gently explains that, “When a soul goes through the veil early, a child or young person this is their chosen path.”

“It might seem harsh to those who love them, and the words, ‘unfair’ come to mind,’ but in the bigger picture they are returning to their soul groups, and it’s a celebration of the experiences that they bring back to the group and to the source”.

“It has been written in their life path that they have chosen”, it is also written in the life paths of the relatives, to experience this in their life”.

Jack explains, that no energy is lost, it only transforms into another frequency.

“Every soul has a unique signature, own frequency vibration ~ and its.... this... That dictates where and how the souls life path will be selected”.

Jack carries on, “It’s the bigger picture; when a soul goes through the veil from their physical, they are returning to their soul groups and it’s a celebration of the experiences that they bring back to the group of the ALL”.

“Every one has a soul family, that are the spiritual equivalent to their birth family; they can be a relative, sibling, parent, or children, they share the same over-soul, this is attached to the soul group that you belong to, you are a multidimensional being of the universe”.

“You exist on many levels and reality’s, simultaneously, and have more power than you can ever imagine”.

“Open up the concept of your self, to include the higher selves... other/parallel selves.... and probable selves”.

Your soul group:

“You also belong to a soul group, these can be your Earthly friends, classmates, and co-workers, you could meet soul group members when a significant life event happens, they can act as a catalyst for major changes in your life”.

“The members your soul group work on the same life mission as you, so they have matching or complimentary life themes, they come into your life in order to help you achieve a shared spiritual objective”.

You have many connections: “You all have plenty of soul group members, it’s likely that many of your soul group are incarnated here on Earth at this time”.

“You have probably already met at least one of your soul group members, the more spiritually in tune you are, the more of these connections you will make”.

These meetings help to fulfil your spiritual growth; along with assisting you with making huge leaps forward in your life”.

“Soul group members can play almost any role in life: best friend, your partner, a family member, a neighbour, a workmate, or someone whom you chanced to meet in passing.

They help you to remember why you’re here on Earth, and what you hoped to accomplish”.

“There are six levels of known soul groups between your physical self and the source, at the top is divine source, then as you come down there is an area that is uncharted, it’s the unknown between the source an your soul group “Your soul group is vast and is linked to your over soul.... this is the forth level.... then coming down from there your soul... the next level is the fifth.... and this leads to your souls extension... that is you living on earth the sixth level”.


You are much more than your body, more than your soul; you are in fact, an integral part of the Universe”.



Jack and Merlin gives out to all souls:

Dear souls, Gaia has been a third dimension world with separation, judgment, polarity and free will, she has risen up into the higher dimensions and you will also do this in time.

This is a long-term plan, the progress is slow, it has to be this way, it gives all souls the time in their life span to make the choices of how much they wish to adapt.

There are no rules, every one has free will, to chose and do what they want to, no one has to follow anything unless they feel drawn to it.

It’s a learning planet, to teach about the inner workings of the human life that has been chosen by the soul before arriving on Gaia.

It is set up for experiences; the inner emotions, feelings, mental attitudes, compassion and belief, to give each one a deeper understanding of how to cope with life’s traumas, and how to use your inner knowledge to alter your outlook and become the true being that you are.

It is a very diverse life, each experience is as important as any other; our advice from the higher realms is not urging anyone to move out of their comfort zone unless they want to!

We share data to help those who have decided to change their way of life and there is no hurry!

Every light being is working on different levels of life and light frequency, to help to guide people to find their own way, to find their own inner need, and their own individual way to live.

One of the beautiful aspects of earth, is this given choice, it’s the base platform on which Gaia has stood for a great deal of time, nothing will change over night, being in it, enjoying the chit-chat, is part of the experience, there are many wonderful experiences to be had, we urge you to carry on with your own personal quest but only change if you want to.

Thank you for listening to us we hope this has explained a bit more about your souls life path.🙂

The journey of a thousand miles starts with one-step.